Supercharging Windows Terminal Prompt: Add Kubernetes Cluster and Namespace

I’ve been doing more and more with Kubernetes lately, and came across an example by Brad Wilson that showed the Kubernetes context in the prompt and thought it would be really awesome if I could add that to mine. I was generally happy with the PowerLevel10K-Classic theme, but wondered about… Read more »

Moving Authentication from an ASP.NET site into IdentityServer4

tl;dr: Just show me the code: I just published a course regarding secure authentication in ASP.NET websites, and the course and its code repo focused exclusively on ASP.NET Identity (in both Core and Framework projects). An early question came up regarding how to do this with a single-page application… Read more »

A (Fairly) Deep Dive into ASP.NET Identity and 10+ “Nuggets”

I just recently had the privilege of creating a new course for Pluralsight called Secure User Account and Authentication Practices in ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core, and it brought me down a path that involved a lot of exploration around how identity works in ASP.NET (and Core — I’ll just use… Read more »

Updating an ASP.NET Core 2.2 solution that integrates with IdentityServer4

Background The very useful public demo of IdentityServer4 recently changed to limit the different flows that it supports based on updated recommendations: I had an existing solution written in .NET Core 2.2 that needed to get updated to support these new flows, and that implied two sets of changes… Read more »

Comparing OpenAPI / Swagger, GraphQL, and gRPC

I’ve been preparing for a talk at Twin Cities Code Camp 2020 ( which will compare and contrast the more common and traditional OpenAPI or Swagger APIs (sometimes called REST APIs in a generally-accepted loose interpretation of the term) and the newer kids on the block: GraphQL and gRPC. Most… Read more »

Testing for the new SameSite cookie-handling changes

A topic that has been getting some heightened attention lately is the upcoming change that Chrome is introducing that will change the way SameSite cookies are handled, specifically in POST requests from different domains. The Auth0 blog has a pretty good summary of the changes, why they are happening and… Read more »

Using JSON to move beyond TVPs for multi-row updates

Many .NET applications will use Table-Valued-Parameters (TVPs) to send in a *set* of rows to be updated to a single stored procedure. Using this approach requires a decent amount of legwork to achieve: Define a “TYPE” in SQL Server to represent the table valued parameter Assign permissions to the TYPE… Read more »

Quick analysis of web logs (IIS or nginx) with the ELK stack

“Show me some stats!!” Recently I was trying to get some quick-and-dirty analysis of an API-based website done. The site was written in PHP and running under nginx on multiple Linux boxes (load-balanced). I wanted to be able to answer questions like this: How many hits per day is the… Read more »