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Comparing OpenAPI / Swagger, GraphQL, and gRPC

I’ve been preparing for a talk at Twin Cities Code Camp 2020 (https://twincitiescodecamp.com/#/talks/3609) which will compare and contrast the more common and traditional OpenAPI or Swagger APIs (sometimes called REST APIs in a generally-accepted loose interpretation of the term) and the newer kids on the block: GraphQL and gRPC. Most… Read more »

Adding a TypeScript Task to a TFS 2017 build for ASP.NET Core

First Forays into ASP.NET Core (2.0) I recently have been taking my first forays into ASP.NET Core and am liking what I’m seeing so far. The journey hasn’t been without curveballs, though, and I’ll be posting a few findings here. New Project using Kendo UI Core and TypeScript A project… Read more »