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Using XML as an input parameter to stored procedures in favor of table-valued parameters

A common challenge with stored procedures is how to pass in multiple rows to a single stored proc call  — especially when you know all of the new / updated rows at a single time.  Doing so can save on round trips as well as (sometimes) making transaction handling easier…. Read more »

Put a silver background on your comments

Putting a silver color background on your comments is a quick and easy productivity booster for me.  It may seem subtle but I’ve found it way easier to visually recognize comments with the silver background than if I just leave it white.  I do this both within Visual Studio *and*… Read more »

Supporting multiple environments through configuration

Abstract  Provide a technique for setting up configuration files that can support multiple environments (e.g. staging and production) and allow for central deployment without having to update config files on the fly during deployment.  Benefits of the approach described: config files are not touched during deployment developers are forced to… Read more »